The attachment shows the results from around the country regarding the survey that was posted on FMC dealer. 

This is what PSMAC will focus on for the next year. 

Technical Assistance Center  

-Improve response time and quality 

-Create an action plan to address inadequate requests 

-Update or delete existing requests 

Technician Support  

-Continue to outline the structure of dispatch flexibility 

-Technician recruitment, retention and recognition 

-Review Service Labor Time Standards/Warranty Policy 

Parts Availability  

-Improve PACO response specifically in regards to pricing and part number inquiries 

-Clarify on forecast parameters 

-Quality and timeliness of PACO response within 4 hours 

-Implement and launch powertrain exchange program 

Parts Transportation and Handling  

-Monitor process of accountability for non-delivered material to dealers from all vendors 

-Improve packaging quality


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